Interaction Design • Master of Arts in Design

Dept. Visual Communication • Kolding School of Design, Denmark

Dual Citizen USA & Switzerland

English, German, Danish fluently and petit peu de Français













Playing Card Design, Art Playing Cards, San Francisco, USA & Bern, Switzerland


Exhibition 125 Blickwinkel im Münster, Ulm, Germany


Freelance work for Bootschaft | Crew für Gestaltung, Ulm, Germany


GLITCH Playing Cards, Kickstarter campaign, San Francisco, USA


Master of the Arts, Interaction Design, Kolding School of Design, Denmark


Exhibit, Graduation Show, Koldinghus, Denmark























Video Installation in Horsens State Prison Museum, Denmark


Erasmus, Department Art & Media, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Bachelor of the Arts in Design, Kolding School of Design, Denmark


Bachelor Project in Sinai during Arab Spring, 2011, Egypt


Internship at IKONMAN, LTD. San Francisco, USA


Visualization for UNICEF Innovation Lab Supply ID concept, Denmark

Collaboration with Tongji University, CUMULUS Convention, Shanghai, China


ECCO concept work, Kolding School of Design, Denmark

Admission to Kolding School of Design, Denmark

The Scandinavian Deisgn College, Denmark


GED (High School Diploma Equivalency), San Francisco, USA

"You have a direct, intense visual language and richness of ideas. You are most strong in your combination of radicalism and classic design processes."


 Barnabas Wetton, Study Coordinator, School of Design Kolding

Design Competences

Camera Work (Film & Photography), Sketching, Drawing, Aesthetic/Color/Form Training, Graphic Work, Editing/Digital manipulation, Animation (Analog & Digital)


Interaction Design Competences

Methods, Theoretical Methodology, conceptualizing, concept development / visualization / realization, idea generation, interdisciplinary integration, Aesthetic and Artistic values


Adobe: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Muse

Apple: Final Cut Pro X, Motion, iBooks Author

Tumult Hype, Arduino, Processing, Dragon



Basic html, css knowledge (scripting purposes)

Interaction Design Competences

Observing, attentive, emotion centered, intuitive, determined, communicative, analyzing, precise and radical

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